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As a Registered Nurse I feel that it is important to introduce complementary modalities into our Health Care System. We have given up our power to take part in our care to the medical establishment. We need to become our own advocates by asking questions about our diagnosis and by taking part in choosing the treatments available. Allopathic (conventional) medicine has a lot to offer and in many instances it is the only path to take. Complementary modalities can work alongside our medical treatments and augment the healing process. They should be available in all medical settings.

I am doing my part by providing Reiki Sessions and classes at all levels as well as Flower Essence Consultations and classes. These two modalities may be used together or separately to help you on your healing journey. Please take time to visit my site to learn what Reiki and Flower Essences are, how and when they are used and why.

I am not a licensed physician; I do not diagnose, prescribe substances, perform medical treatment nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. As complementary therapies, Reiki and Flower Essences do not require licensing. These services can be offered because Reiki and Flower Essences are complements to “healing arts services licensed by the state” under the California Senate Bill 577